Conventional Homes with shingle roofs, gravel roofs (see picture) or other roofing materials have found that the Comfort Seal Insulated Roof System is the only permanent solution.  Unlike other roofing materials, an insulated Comfort Seal membrane roof system will not only pay for itself ............ it will be the last roof you ever buy!

Before After



Shingle Pattern (discontinued)


Shingle Pattern (discontinued)


Modular Home w/ white roof

Conventional Home w/ white roof



Modular Homes with either metal or shingle roofs can also take advantage of installing this permanent, insulated roof system.  Comfort Seal "pioneered" the use of single-ply membranes for manufactured homes.


Before (original metal roof)

Insulation Being Applied


Insulation Complete


Finished Roof (white membrane applied)




New Mobile Home Owners soon realize that installing our permanent roof system is an absolute must!!!      



 Installing an insulated Comfort Seal "cool roofover" system is the best solution for commercial building owners.  It eliminates costly "tear-offs" and saves on valuable energy expenditures.  Call Comfort Seal for a roof inspection today!





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